I recently received my Ph.D. from the
Department of Government at Cornell University, where my research asked the fundamental question of what it means to be American.
Before my graduate studies, I worked as a Political Organizer/Analyst at the Institute for Policy Studies, a think-tank for social movements in Washington, D.C.  I continued this commitment to social movement research through my research agenda at Cornell, where my work positioned itself at the intersection of women's rights, racial/ethnic politics, and social movement politics. My dissertation is entitled "A Feminist Fight for Faith: How Muslim Women Reclaim Islam in the West," and employs a set of mixed methods to conduct a comparative study of young Muslim women activists in the United States and United Kingdom in their struggle to construct a second-generation Muslim identity in both countries. I currently work as a Policy Analyst for Progress 2050, a new project at the Center for American Progress that develops new ideas for a diverse America. My broader research interests examine how gender intersects with racial, ethnic, and religious political identities in American studies and public policy.

Please feel free to contact me at jajinkya@gmail.com.
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