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Memories are always vivid. They get turned on by simple things. The smell of an old perfume can zip you through time, bits of long forgotten music that can make you smile, the jingling sound of my mother's glass bangles that makes me feel safe, a voice over the telephone that can get you angry, the touch of fall leaves that can make you feel older. In mere seconds, memories can lead you into another world.
Such memories make my webpage. 

St. Joseph's High:
My teachers in high school did not want me to be the school rep because I talked too much. I was miserable when I lost that position to another girl in my class of 1983 St Joseph's High School, Bhubaneswar (That's me under the mango tree), but I never stopped bothering others with my chatter. Today my 11 year old daughter brings back similar purple notes from her elementary school. She is just as distracted as I was then. But being distracted helped. It made me do several things at the same time. I entertained our 7th grade substitute teacher with my rendition of "Je Dinu paichi Mo priya" when he ran short of teaching material for the class. I made cartoon images of my class teacher and honed my sketching abilities (Here is one on the walls at home). I acted in Hindi plays and spoke in smatterings of Hindi at home much to the pride of my parents. 

I am the youngest in my family of three sisters (Passport to Trio). They were much older than me and I was always relegated to the position of almost nobody in their eyes. In 1980 when my eldest sister got married(Look at her smile) I was suddenly yanked into adulthood (I'm on the extreme right !).  What was until then, as simple as playing "bahuchori"  with neighborhood kids, evolved into a teenage adolescence. I started to write secretly in my diary- of blue skies and green pastures. And as I snuggled a black and white newspaper cutting of handsome Dharmendra (Look at him!) into the center pages of my note books, I happily and successfully finished school. Today when I hear school bells ring somewhere, I can tell you the names of 94% of my 10th grade friends and also tell you who sat where in Ms Nalini's class! (2nd Feb 1983). 

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