Welcome to Dr. Julia Poncela-Casasnovas' web site!

                                                                    The Bean, in Chicago (where i did my first postdoc).


Research Interests

"When we think about the future, we imagine it to be a unique thread of events that simply hasn't been revealed to us yet. In reality no such thread exists -rather the future is more like a bundle of possible threats." 

"The real world of human interactions is simply too messy and ambiguous a place ever to be governed by any predefined set of rules and regulations."

                                                         - Everything is Obvious by Duncan Watts

I am interested in Statistical Physics, Non-Linear Physics and Complex Systems in general, and more specifically, in different processes on top of complex topologies, such as social networks. You could say that I am a Computational Social Scientist now.


I studied Physics at University of Zaragoza (Spain), and i also got my Ph.D there in 2010, under the supervision of Dr. Yamir Moreno, Dr. Jesus Gomez-Gardenes and Dr. Mario Floria. My dissertation was on Evolutionary Game Theory on Complex Networks, where i analysed the interface between cooperative dynamics and the underlying structure of a given population

I joined the Amaral Lab (Northwestern University, Chicago) on November 2010, where i worked on analyzing several social systems using computational and statistical methods. One of my projects was about understanding the way ideas propagate on a professional network. Another one was a study of an online community for people that want to control their weight, where i tried to understand the correlations between network topology and individual’s behaviors.

I moved back to Spain for a year in 2014 to work with Dr. Alex Arenas on multiplex networks.

Currently I am a postoctoral researcher at the Northwestern Institute for Complex Systems (NICO), working on computational social science problems under the supervision of Dr. Brian Uzzi.