Dr. Julian Yarkony PhD

Greetings, I am Dr. Julian Yarkony. I finished a PhD in computer science at the University of California Irvine in July 2012 where I studied under Dr. Charless Fowlkes and collaborated heavily with Dr. Alexander Ihler. I completed post-docs with B.S. Manjunath and Fred Hamprecht at University of California Santa Barbara/University of Heidelberg respectively.  Currently I am a senior data scientist at Verisk though and an independent academic.  My research concerns the application of techniques from operations research to problems in computer vision notably multi-object tracking, multi-person pose estimation, instance segmentation and hierarchical clustering. My Erdos number is 3.



  1. Margret Keuper, Maneesh Singh, Julian Yarkony; Massively Parallel Benders Decomposition for Correlation Clustering; on arXiv PDF


  1. Shaofei Wang, Alexander Ihler, Konrad Kording, Julian YarkonyAccelerating Dynamic Programs via Nested Benders Decomposition with Application to Multi-Person Pose Estimation; at European Conference on computer vision 2018 (ECCV)  PDF
  2. Julian Yarkony, Shaofei Wang; Accelerating Message Passing for MAP with Benders Decomposition; on arXiv, PDF


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  3. Shaofei Wang, Konrad Kording, Julian Yarkony; Exploiting skeletal structure in computer vision annotation with Benders decomposition; on arXiv PDF
  4. Shaofei Wang,Chong Zhang, Miguel A. Gonzalez-Ballester, Julian Yarkony;
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  5. Chong Zhang,Shaofei Wang, Miguel A. Gonzalez-Ballester, Julian Yarkony; Efficient Column Generation for Cell Detection and Segmentation; on arXiv PDF


  1. Shaofei Wang, Chong Zhang, Miguel A. Gonzalez-Ballester, Julian Yarkony; Efficient Pose and Cell Segmentation using Column Generation arXiv Link
  2. Julian Yarkony, Kamalika Chaudhuri; Convex Optimization for Non-Convex Problems via Column Generation arXiv:1602.04409 pdf
  3. Shaofei Wang, Steffen Wolf, Charless Fowlkes, Julian Yarkony
    Tracking Objects with Higher Order Interactions using Delayed Column Generation,  arXiv:1512.02413, pdf (see 2017 for accepted version at AISTATS)


  1. Julian Yarkony , Charless Fowlkes; Planar Ultrametric Rounding for Image Segmentation . Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) 2015. pdf [Extended] 
  2. Julian Yarkony ;  Next Generation Multicuts for Semi-Planar Graphs.  Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) 2015.  Optimization in Machine Learning Workshop pdf
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  1. Julian Yarkony Analyzing PlanarCC: Demonstrating the Equivalence of PlanarCC and The Multi-Cut LP Relaxation. Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) 2014 Workshop on Discrete Optimization pdf
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  3. Julian Yarkony Thorsten Beier, Pierre Baldi, Fred A. Hamprecht, "Parallel Multicut Segmentation via Dual Decomposition" New Frontiers in Mining Complex Patterns (NFMCP 2014)  pdf


  1. B. Andres*, J. Yarkony *, B.S. Manjunath, S. Kirchhoff, E. Turetken, C. Fowlkes, H. Pfister, "Segmenting Planar Superpixel Adjacency Graphs w.r.t. non-planar Superpixel Affinity Graphs ORAL", EMMCVPR, Lund, Sweden, (Aug. 2013). pdf supplement * means authors contributed equally


  1. J. Yarkony "PhD Disseration:Planarity Matters: MAP Inference in Planar Markov Random Fields with Applications to Computer Vision" (July 2012) pdf
  2. J. Yarkony, A. Ihler, C. Fowlkes. "Fast Planar Correlation Clustering for Image Segmentation", Firzene, Italy (October 2012). [pdf extended]


  1. J. Yarkony, R. Morshed, A. Ihler, C. Fowlkes. "Tightening MRF Relaxations with Planar Subproblems",UAI, Barcelona, Spain (July 2011). pdf .  
  2. This includes a correction that was facilitated by Dr. David Sontag.
  3. J. Yarkony, A. Ihler, C. Fowlkes. "Planar Cycle Covering Graphs", UAI, Barcelona, Spain (July 2011). PDF
  4. J. Yarkony, R. Morshed, A. Ihler, C. Fowlkes. "Planar Decompositions and Cycle Constraints",Workshop on Inference in Graphical Models with Structured Potentials, Colorado Springs, CO, (June 2011) pdf


  1. J. Yarkony, C. Fowlkes, A. Ihler, "Covering Trees and Lower-bounds on Quadratic Assignment",CVPR, San Francisco, (June 2010)  pdf
  2. H. Eshuis, J. Yarkony and F. Furche, "Fast computation of molecular RPA correlation energies using resolution-of-the-identity and imaginary frequency integration",Journal of Chemical Physics, (June 2010) pdf
  3. J. Yarkony "Masters Thesis, Covering Trees: New Variational Bounds on MAP Assignment in Markov Random Fields " (March 2010) pdf


V Contact me via email at A.B.C@D
D = gmail.com
C= my last name
B= my middle initial which is the first letter of my middle name which is elliot
A= my first name
All letters in my email are lower case. My recent papers also have my gmail if you want to get it that way

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Other Interests

In my spare time I enjoy discussing philosophy, and ancient greco-roman history with emphasis on the Spartans.  I am a fan of Lycurgus the  great spartan lawgiver and have incorporated many of his ideas properly adapted to modern times into my own life.    

As an amateur philosopher and am inspired by Charles Darwin, Friedrich NietzscheNiccolo Machiavelli, Charles Murray, Thomas Sowell, Henry F Schaefer, J.R.R Tolkein, C.S. Lewis, Francis Collins, Fredrik Hayek, Johnathon Nash, Richard Dawkins, and Thomas Jefferson, amongst others.  

Specifically I am interested in how the ideals of morality need to be understood in a beautiful but brutal, darwinian world such as ours.  I am motivated by economic game theory notably the prisoners dilemma, the tragedy of the commons, and evolutionary game theory.  

I am an investor in stocks and am becoming an active investor in San Diego real estate. I enjoy swimming and surfing in the pacific ocean, and going to the gym, and socializing at my local country club.  I also enjoy collecting gold and diamond jewelry, and classic Rolex watches.   I am also passionate about driving on the freeway or pacific coast highway in my convertible.  


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