Downtown Neighborhood Surveillance Photos & Videos

This website posts photos and videos taken from 
surveillance cameras of downtown neighborhood 
residents who have been victimized by crime. 
These neighborhoods include Northside, Hensley, 
Horace Mann, Julian St. James, and Naglee Park. 

It should be noted that video of anyone seen carting off items 
from a neighbor's porch at 4AM is simply a suspect because 
in this great country of ours, even low-life jerks are considered 
innocent until proven guilty.

Car Break-in, 15th and Julian, Oct. 27, 2:01AM

This thief entered an unlocked car and removed the radio face-plate and various bank papers. An empty beer can was left in the glove compartment and dark glasses were left in the rear seat. The person was in the car for ten minutes.

The video isn't very clear. It could be either a man or a woman with what appears to be long, black hair. He or she appears to have an uneven gait though it might be due to alcohol.

Click full screen for better viewing.

car break-in

car break-in

Intruder, 15th and Julian, Sept. 17, 2016:  

This guy was on the porch before sunrise and went through the mailbox. The incident was reported to the police.


Porch Thieves:

The case # is 15-258-0534.  Police have emphasized that if any neighbors see these people to call 311 as soon as possible as that will be the only real chance the police have of catching them. Several people have told me (but not called it in) that they've seen these people today -- so clearly these two thieves are doing this regularly and working the streets in this area.    They're probably not going to stop until they're caught.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

This afternoon (Sept. 16, 2015)
around 1pm, a man and a woman stole an Amazon package from
my porch. The man stood outside my gate, and kept watch, and
was wearing a red baseball hat (~5' 10" tall, brown
hair, appeared to be Hispanic), and the woman was carrying a
large cream colored canvas bag, and was ~5' 5",
also Hispanic, brown hair, dressed mostly in pale clothing).
The woman walked up to my front door, and was there for
quite a while (as you'll see on the video - don't
know if she was waiting for someone to come to the door and
was hoping no-one was home, or trying to peer through the
glass that I have covered with a sheer curtain, or what) . .
she then left the porch with the Amazon package clearly
under her arm and (leaving my gate open) walked across the
street with the man and they continued south on N. 14th
towards Julian on foot. I have all of this on video.. .. at
the end of the video you'll see me come out onto the
porch (I hadn't realized what happened at that point and
thought they were leaving flyers or notices perhaps or
perhaps selling something) and I yelled out to them to at
least close my gate! (Pretty funny considering they had just
stolen a pkg from my porch and I had no clue at that point -
I just thought they were rude and going door to door - and
then I realized they weren't going to anyone's doors
but mine - they were walking like they couldn't hear me
down the street at a fast clip. It wasn't until I looked
around for a flyer and found nothing and then realized their
behavior was strange that it dawned on me they may have
stolen something. I was expecting a pkg from Amazon today. I
went onto Amazon and sure enough my order status said the
order had been delivered. That prompted me to check my video
camera files and sure enough . . clear as day -- you can see
them taking the package. So be on the lookout for these two

Porch Thief:
May 19, 2014 local news. Channel 11 interviews Joe Pambianco.

               Porch Thief video

Porch Thief

This man has been taking items off the porches in our neighborhood. 
If you see him, contact the police immediately.

This man entered the backyard at 286 N. 15th at 4 AM in August of 2014 and took tools and a generator. It appears he has a tattoo on his neck.

YouTube Video

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