minutes 09.22.09

Our next meeting is scheduled for
Tuesday, November 10, 2009
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
158 N 15th St
San Jose, CA

JJNA Quarterly Meeting Minutes


1830 hrs 


Attendance list was circulated (include)




1. State of the JJNA Union

Lynette:  Just want to clarify / comment that she see’s JJNA as a very different group than NNA or CCA (we are smaller, not filled with activists).  The organization is based on communications (passionate when necessary).


JJNA participation problem due in part to makeup of our neighborhood (older people, renters…), yet JJNA is still here.  We are about communications, without too much excitement (lately).


General statements of agreement from attendees.


President:  Want keep communication open / work together / get help, stay active (SNI, JE Library)


Cate: We need to get better at using email.  We (JJNA) are more "over the fence chatter...” but could be “outside neighborhood only issues”.  Would like to see this type of usage continue and expansion


Can we agree "What email is for within JJNA"?  Yes, already done.  “Off topic” is OK.


President: JJNA is a causal group and she is OK with that.



2. Antiques Roadshow


Desire to have both Marcus and Steve Ivetska involved, but that is also Chalk Art Day (Oct. 10, 2009) – bad conflict.  Only day that works for both of them.


Propose to put off activity to next spring or summer (spring appeared to be the informal vote winner). April or May (but not Cinco de Mayo).  Mid to end May is the target timeframe (President will set up with Marcus and Steve).  Saturday or Sunday?  Not settled, could be either.


Donation of $100 to SNI

Email on its way to Sonya... we are close to finished, but have not closed.  Need letter from Sonya (who is scheduled to arrive at this meeting at 2000 hrs).


Should be able to set up new JJNA account and get this paid (contribution to SNI) via Sonya within two weeks.


3. Neighborhood issues:

Problem house:  141/142 N. 14th St.

Sent letter to landlord, people are upset, police reports have not been collected yet, neighbor was contacted (and is feeling frustrated / hurt) 

What should JJNA’s involvement be?  Talk to landlord?  How should we proceed?

So far, JJNA has had no feedback from involved parties.  We are not inclined to push the matter.

President:  has researched how to get the Police reports and will be requesting them (to support Maria).  Should call JJNA action complete at that point.


Denise - Maria needs to take the lead on this, not JJNA.  


General agreement (Maria needs to take responsibility to move this forward).  JJNA has done as much as it should.


Police need $76.00 check and letter to generate police reports...


Cate: Has the situation in the household improved? Denise – it’s unclear.  When husband is in the house, it gets better (and he's back) but there has been another issue recently.  Is this a 14th street problem, or just between neighbors?  Is 14th street ok?  Denise - not impacting entire neighborhood.


Cate - doesn't mean it won’t in the future, but ...   general agreement.   Prudent of JJNA to be prepared should situation change for the worse (so gathering police reports is a good idea for JJNA as well as 14th St neighbor).


President:  Commits to getting relevant police reports


Tes? - Two sets of things (prior issues were different family).  Recent issues are only in the last 6 months to 1 year.  Police reports should only cover that.  Will have paperwork ready should things change.


Problem house: 165 16th Steet - parties every week.  

Neighbor gives them to 2300 hrs then calls police.  Lots of noise...chug chug...


Dave O - other 16th St. house changed hands and is OK now


Need to set up drive by with police...


If we put this info onto the JJNA site, can be taken to SNI for discussion with SJPD Sgt. Paul Cook.


Mike passed away.  

What happened?  Drinking / choke or perforated stomach / bled out.  Drinking problems, lost job...

Dina click? Is in touch with mikes family (Sacramento based).   JJNA to send card / flowers?

Working on it…

Cate attended funeral, met family.


Debbie Byebee: Group work on Santa Clara bridge...  cancelled per (political issues).  Bridge now has more graffiti.  Bridge has non-graffiti coating over repaint (soap and water will fix).  No coating on back side (which has graffiti).


Julian St. bridge wasn’t done.  There were two projects that day, and all hands were needed on the other project.  Will be another opportunity to do Julian with JJNA support.


Need to address backside of bridge(s) to defeat graffiti.  


President: Does JJNA have the wherewithal to support various neighborhood projects (probably requiring no more than 10 people)?


Fred: Trying to set something up with NNA (no luck so far).  How about JJNA?

President: How to pick projects?  

Fred:  Can help with that.


Cate - Planting daffodils...

Deb:  Ideas... fill out request form (Paul).  Inside or outside neighborhood...  via Sam's office. Tools are available...


President: What about a neighborhood workday?  


Cate - social day (Thanksgiving, winter solstice...)?  Don't get to close to holiday (week before Thanksgiving?).  Used to carol around Christmas...


Deb – NAC potluck is Thurs Dec 3. Another neighborhood group has “blue moon group” (individual neighborhood projects with group help).


Cate – for elderly people – yard work / mowing, etc. 


11th / Julian house burned (others) - What to do?  Needs demolition but City won't force owner to do so (want to see plans, post demo...).  On-going issue, City is not addressing.


Code enforcement can't really do much (fine owner is about it).  Can't have couch in front, but can have outdoor furniture in front... but can't deal with burned houses or abandoned properties.


President: JJNA to send out email for project and celebration ideas.  Tree planting?  Probably next spring.  Since antique roadshow postponed, what about earthquake preparedness.


Note: Losing neighbor unless local housing found (JJNA board member?).


Julian / St. James couplet conversion goes to council next week.  Work starts one month later (November 2009).

President: Has additional schedule info.


We need a grant / plan to get amenities beyond couplet conversion (years long process).  Need to ask for it.  Go through 13th Street NAC to get it into the meeting minutes.

Want amenities’ plans to work on grants to proceed...


President: Reuse email (ruse of city rec centers).  What does "services offered" mean?


Deb – This is done when city can't afford to staff a center, aimed at non-profits...  groups need to cover O&M costs (can be expensive).  Need to make sure that reuse group allows community use to be allowed (it is a city building).  Example - Hensley uses Northside Center for monthly meetings.


President: reuse asks for reps from each NA.

Deb - we aren't NNA and we aren't in the neighborhood for this reuse (so no rep really needed).


Dave O. = what about Julian stop sign?

Fred:  They won't do it due to couplet conversion work... 


What about BART?

Fred: Resolution favoring BART coming into downtown (Oct 6 council meeting).  VTA proposing to end in Berryessa in first phase, Santa Clara in phase 2.  VTA thinks this helps chances to get federal funding (build and operate viability...).  Last bid to feds showed no money to build or operate.  Non-starter.


Cate - No way to get BART to the Airport (SJC).

Denise - Saw new terminal, very nice (SWA).  Landing curfew still in effect, still broken regularly (fines).  Curfew is 1100-0700?).  



Julian and 17th hit and run (vehicle) on 29-Sep.  Fled on foot, apprehended. Anyone know anything?  Nope.


Hospital, no info.


Graffiti.  Several houses in St. John area, rabbit house, sign at parking lot... metal grate tagged, 


Need to do graffiti cleanup more aggressively.


Cate: Talk to Joe / Jeff - beer to motivate...

Deb:  City can supply SJ beige, SJ brown... check with abatement to do sweep though our area.  

This is a project that we should probably pursue.

PG&E boxes need anti-graffiti coating (note; only lasts for about 3 cleanings).  


President:  Grease stick / wax stick graffiti problem - 

Deb - Lipstick is temporary and doesn't count as graffiti (as defined by City).  


277-3208 graffiti number (to speak to person).

277-2850 is general line.


Troy (graffiti artist) is the same guy as Los Altos glass etcher...

Fred: Steve Gordi saw this moniker and spotted it on flicker...

Deb: Chalk Art festival.  Anyone need announcement / postcards?  Have more.


Rotary / Ryland pool - opened last year.  Forp? has grant etc to restore tile (now done).  

This sat 12-4 pm celebration plus swim.  Normally only open 8-9 weeks (June-Aug) 

75 people capacity around pool area.


Deb office was at Watson, now at McKinley.  Oleander / McKinley - Halloween costume drive, please support.  Donate used costumes please.  Some will be made by volunteers, plus masks...


Spillman - Cleanup coyote creek this Saturday.  Debris jam upstream.  

JJNA - donate money to Halloween drive?  Deb: would be to support Oleander residents 


JJNA has $2745.  How much to donate?  

Motion to provide $100…  Ayes have it by acclimation.



President:  Motion to adjourn

Question:  When is next meeting?  


Potluck is Sat before Thanksgiving - 21-Nov.  Should meet before then.  Tuesday evening 12-Nov (deconflicted with NAC). 


Decision: Tuesday, November 10 at 1830.  No location specified.


Motion to adjourn, again.  Seconded.  We are adjourned.   1952 hrs.

Attendance list


Lynette Bunyard            jonette@rocketmail.com

Craig Chivatero              cjc14919@yahoo.com

Debbie Bybee                Debbie.Bybee@sanjoseca.gov

Cate Schroeder              Cate@sonic.net

Dee Dumond                 Ddumond@lightbender.com

Pete Anderson               maraha@aol.com

David Oxley                   Oxleyworks1@att.net

Denise Pliskin               dkpliskin@yahoo.com


All are on the Yahoo JJNA list.