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Minutes Election

Minutes of Last Meeting

Board Meeting of Julian-St. James Neighborhood Association (JJNA)

(Meeting held at 100 block N. 15th St., San Jose CA)

Agenda – 

Elect new President to replace outgoing President Lynette Bunyard

Elect new Vice President to replace outgoing VP David Oxley

In attendance –

Lynette Bunyard – JJNA President, Dave Oxley – Vice President

Craig Chivatero – Treasurer, Cate Schroeder – At Large Board member

Russell Williams – JJNA member, Rowan Fairgrove – JJNA member

Debbie Anderson – JJNA member, Pete Anderson – JJNA member

Dina Click – JJNA member, Robert Wright – JJNA member - absentee

Meeting of the JJNA called to order at 1830 hrs on 14-Aug-2012.  Meeting location was JJNA President Lynette Bunyard’s home. 

The meeting was called to elect a new President and Vice President and to discuss the state of JJNA and plans forward.  Craig Chivatero remains as Treasurer.  The position of Secretary is vacant at this time.

Slate of candidates – 

For President – David Oxley

For VP – Cate Schroeder

Vote tally:  Ayes 10 (9 present, 1 absentee), Nays 0.

The vote was unanimous.  The Presidency was passed to David Oxley.  And VP was passed to Cate Schroeder.

The Treasurer took an action to finish investigating the possibility of moving the JJNA bank account from Heritage Bank to the 13th St. NAC JJNA account, which would effectively give us access to the services of the NAC bookkeeper Sonya Lu.  There is already an existing JJNA account under the NAC umbrella to collect tax deductable donations and Sonya provides receipts to donors for tax accounting purposes. 

The group discussed ways to expand/invigorate JJNA and help spread the load amongst additional volunteers.  It was agreed that we should pass out JJNA flyers at the Farmers Market.  Lynette created a flyer and printed it out at the meeting.  The flyer was edited at the meeting and Lynette to the action to modify the flyer with the edits and print some up to be passed out at the Farmers Market by Dina Click and Cate Schroeder.

There was additional discussion on reworking the website resource list and adding local businesses to the list.


A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 1935 hrs, which was seconded and the meeting was adjourned.

Recorded by: 

Lynette Bunyard, outgoing JJNA President

Craig Chivatero, Treasurer

Approved by:

David Oxley, JJNA President

Cate Schroeder, JJNA VP