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Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes:

JJNA notes 6/9/09


Order of business

Vote for treasurer

 Because JJNA is trying to get under the umbrella of the 501c3

We will keep two accounts with JJNA and we intend to donate $100 to the SNI. 


Dee Dumont has agreed to become treasurer replacing Hullene Solomon.  There was a vote by all attending (including two board members). 

Dee is now the official Treasurer for JJNA 2009.


Neighborhood activity suggestions


1) Julian St Bridge tiles Rick Haws, was the original tile craftsman for the bridges who started as a hobby.  He got a grant so he could purchase the tile and fire them and put them on.  A year an a half ago the bridge was vandalized. A couple of months ago and asked the neighborhoods asked not to re tile it as keep it a story. During the Day of Service, the students chose not to finish it and the four neighborhoods who surround it have decided to0 keep it as art.  It is suggested that we not approach the artist to finish it in order to be in keeping with the decisions of the four neighborhoods. 


Bridge Project recommendation:

If we would like to do as a project to paint the Julian St. bridge, we could make use of the supplies to do it  Do we want to do it?  Do we want to do it with the North Side and have a picnic?


Actionable item:  Contact Gus Vargas of the North Side to see if they would like to join us.

Contact Person:  Dee Dumont


Tentative Date:  Sept. 19th, 2009


2) JJNA Antiques Road Show


 We are looking at dates for having a neighborhood Antiques Road Show. The gentleman

is on board but we have to work around his black out dates 


 Plan:  Shut down the street:  Use the parking lot to pull in with have a temporary tent put Steve over there, and have folks bring their treasures.  Have food on the driveways and Ask Marcus For music and have a progressive dinner $


Charge $10 for antiques and $5 for Progressive Dinner

Form a committee combine the Antiques Road Show with the Earthquake preparedness assessments

We want to advertise the Antiques Road Show and Earthquake Preparedness at National Night Out


Tentative Dates: August 8th


Actionable Items: Form a committee with Lynette, David, Denise, and Cate


Other Neighborhood Information:

Gang activity

We are seeing more graffiti. 

We are seeing 14 in the neighborhood and we need to speak at SNI on the graffiti.   We need to call graffiti hotline and say it it’s GANG graffiti. Call it in, call it in      


Tree Planting

Joe and Denise will continue to look into it. Meeting with the Arborist will happen at the SNI on the 18th of June.  Perhaps we could get Our City Forest to come to a meeting


Actionable Item: Joe and Denise will contact


Tentative date: Oct/Nov 2009


Couplet Conversion:

City Council voted to accept the funding for the couplet conversion for the Sept conversion of Julian and St. James. Julian will be done first, and it will take until June and then they will start on St. James. For a history, talk to Debbie..  $5,000,000 will be given by the VTA .  The Julian and 15th St need for a stop sign continues.  We need to petition the DOT through the office of Sam Liccardo to fund a study for the stop sign.


Issues on 14th St

The neighbors on 14th St are burdened by a difficult neighbor on 14th St.  we need to have neighbors sign a letter to the landlord so that they may take action against these people. There is evidence of drug use, loud music and parties that last all night.  When the police are called one neighbor gets victimized as the ‘snitch’ with retaliation.  Her car lights have been smashed, and sugar has been put in her gas tank.   Please sign the letter


Actionable item sign the letter everybody!