Julian St James N. A.

The Julian St. James Neighborhood is north of Naglee Park, south of Backesto Park, east of 11th St., and west of Roosevelt Park. 

Our city council rep is Raul Peralez.

JJNA Officers:

Jennie Larson is our president. Her email is jennie.jjna [at] gmail.com.

David Oxley is our vice president. His email is oxleyworks1 [at] att.net.

Craig Chivatero is our treasurer. His email is craig.chivatero [at] lmco.com.

Robert Wright is our secretary, list moderator, and webmaster. His email is rwright408 [at] me.com.

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If you run into any difficulties, just let me know.
--Robert   rwright408 [at] me.com.


To report the following on My San Jose :

            Abandoned Vehicle
            Illegal Dumping
            Streetlight Outage
            General Request

            Click here

Money the State might be holding for you. (Also can be used to search addresses.)

Got Blight?

  1. * Storage of household furniture outside
  2. * Trash / Litter / Debris 
  3. * Overgrown vegetation over 12 inches in height
  4. * Lack of landscaping
  5. * Open / unsecured vacant buildings or structures
  6. * Graffiti on private property
  7. * Construction without permits
  8. * Illegal occupancy
  9. * Improper storage of garbage containers 

From the archive:

JJNA Welcomes the Dancing Cat

Past Minutes: