Here is a small selection of my drawings. They share the common themes of surrealism and liminality.

A drawing of a steeplejack

A steeplejack is a daemonic impersonator of church steeples. A typical English parish church is plagued by at least one of these entities.

A drawing of a window ledge encounter

This drawing features that common carrier of inquisitiveness – the domestic feline. A woman, taking a furtive bite from a sardine and tomato paste sandwich, is caught out by the neighbour's cat.

A drawing of a mysterious event

This singular phenomenon occurred in Aston's Eyot on the 18th March 1982. The identity of its sole witness is unknown. 

A garden drawing

An example of a modern Hermetic garden uniting heaven and earth.

A drawing of a corner fairy

This drawing is from my unfinished Marginalia Project.

An alchemical drawing

Just how far should the philosopher follow the works of nature?