Week ending: 01/06/2012

Classes: L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5

Topic: School life

Differentiation: The work is differentiated according to the needs of the class and the individual. Worksheets are produced in a range of challenge levels; some involve recognising and highlighting and linking words and pictures, some ask students to "over-write" words and phrases, some allow students to "copy-down" answers, some supply a vocabulary list and require students to find and copy the appropriate words and phrases, and some ask students to write from memory. Usually, students are offered a choice of 3 or more of these levels to chose from. In addition, worksheets can be enlarged to A3 and even A2 where necessary. Finally, some students work in front of a computer screen where the work can be enlarged according to the needs of the individual.

Starter Activity: We began the lesson with taking the register in French and seeing who had earned a merit  according to points awarded for attendance, class work and home work. Then we had a game of LOT. Students had a game card with 12 analogue clock-faces and were asked to put a ring around three of them. The clock-faces were also put up on the whiteboard. The teacher rolled one or two dice to give a number between1 and 12 and called of the time accordingly, and after 5 seconds also crossed the correct clock-face off on the whiteboard. When a student has crossed off all three of their clock-faces they call out LOTO. The prize for winning is a plain cracker, a plain rich tea biscuit or a slice of apple. We continue playing until everybody has called LOTO.

Vocabulary: il est une heure (il est deux, trios, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix, onze, douze heures)

Main Activity: Next we used a piece of software on the whiteboard called “Pilote: mon école” where first we watched a video of students in a French school showing us the contents of their pencil cases and naming the items in French. Then there is an interactive game where the software names an item in French and displays 5 items, and students take turns using a radio mouse to click on the correct item. They can hear the word and click on different items until they get it right.

Vocabulary: un crayon, une feutre, une gomme, une règle, un stylo, un taille-crayon, une trousse, une colle, une calculette, un compas, des ciseaux, un cahier, un livre

Consolidation:  the lesson continued with a worksheet with pictures of these items and the words in a word list. Students could join the words to the pictures or copy the correct words underneath. Some students had the correct words in grey underneath each picture to “over-write”, some had the Word list on the back of the worksheet so the could memorise the vocabulary before turning the sheet and writing the answers.

Cultural Input: This was followed by another episode of our current movie. Some clases are watching Kiricou et le bêtes sauvages. Others are watching the BBC series “Muzzy”. One class has just started Belleville Rendezvous

Plenary: The lesson finished with 5 minutes choice time while students who wanted homework received it from the teacher along with an explanation of what to do. Finally, the teacher gave out the merits earned by students and talked to individuals and pairs to see what they remembered from the lesson. Homework is voluntary but if you want a copy click below, then print it out or complete it in an art program and email it back to me.

julian cole,
8 Jun 2012, 07:18