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Personal page - a bit about me and what I do.

Julian Cole's personal Page

Here's a bit about me!                                
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I was born in Enfield, London, UK on January 1st 1955. I was the first baby after midnight and was awarded a pair of woollen booties. My mum got a manicure set. My father, mother and brothers have all passed on, but my dear step-father Roy is still very much alive. I am married with a daughter in her mid twenties. My wife and I have been together since 1974.

I left school at 14, and worked variously as a school master, builder, deck-chair man, street cleaner, shop worker, factory hand, laboratory technician, maintenance engineer, mechanic, soldier, bus driver, window-cleaner, coach driver, catwalk model and van driver. I returned to education as a mature student and with the support of my wife achieved a Double Honours degree in French and Spanish and a Masters degree in Education. I qualified as a teacher of French and Spanish in 1986 and took up teaching, initially as a main-stream teacher but from the late 80’s onwards in Special Education. I have worked in a number of management roles; year head, pastoral head, head of an ASC unit, deputy head, but I have found the most fulfilling work for me is that of the classroom practitioner. I have since taken early retirement but continue to work as a non-teaching staff member. I am a qualified RLSS lifeguard.

Currently I am a part time lifeguard and hydro therapist working at a secondary Special school in North London. I also drive a school minibus when I'm not in the pool. I also drive single older disabled people to a Christmas day party every year using the school minibus with tail lift - many thanks to my head teacher for the loan.

My personal life outside school and family revolve around food, wine, music, religion, cycling, walking and IT, although not necessarily in that order. My wife and I run N8 Pet Stays, a boarding service for dogs and small animals. We also do dog-walking and home visits. I have been a member of
British Mensa since the late 1970s and have a sporadic involvement in the Gifted Children project.