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Greenroof Diary - A wilderness in the city.

I took this on 19th December 2010.                                      Click here to go back to the front page.
It is still below freezing, and this is the fourth monthly picture with snow in it for this year - and much more is on its way. The seed heads poking up through the snow are succulents, and the snow will keep the soil and plants underneath nice and warm. There are no bird footprints in the snow so I assume nothing eats the seeds. There are a range of birds below in the garden and in the trees and I'm not sure why these are shunned!
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Back in 2005, my partner and I decided to build a green roof on the rear extension to our house, partly to improve insulation, partly to provide a mini-wilderness environment for local plants, insects and birds to use, and partly to see what would actually survive in such a harsh environment. We calculated that with a 25% safety margin, the maximum weight of soil and rain or snow would come to about 2 tons, so some major strengthening of the roof took place, following which we built a 6 inch deep paddling pool, lined with carpet and a butyl pond liner. The soil was all sourced locally from friends and neighbours, and it has been left un-watered and un-weeded for the last 4 years.
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