Spring 2007: Teaching Assistant, Royal Holloway College

Spring 2008: Contract Theory for Doctoral Students, ULB
Fall 2008: Micro 2 (1st year MSc), Aarhus University
Spring 2009: Micro 1 (Game and Contract Theory, 3rd year BSc), Aarhus University
Fall 2009: Micro 2, Aarhus University
Spring 2010: Micro 1
Fall 2010: no teaching
Spring 2011: Micro 1 and Micro Theory (half semester course in Game Theory, 2nd year BSc)
Fall 2011: no teaching (maternity leave)
Spring 2012: Micro 1 (course on Market Failure, 3rd year BSc) and Micro Theory
Fall 2012: Economics and Psychology (joint with C. Gravert and A. Koch)
Spring 2013: Micro 1
Fall 2013-15: Micro 1 (joint with E. Essen) and
Economics and Psychology (joint with E. Essen and A. Koch)
Spring 2014,2015,2016: no teaching