Socio political feminist conceptual art that explores the silencing of women and oppression by the patriarchy; the work examines the parallels of repetition though history from the classics. The plethora of visualisations that present the submissive and dominated female as victim requires analysis to counter the domestic and casual familiarity of that imagery. Do the arts have a vital role to visualise a new future for women that is different from the existing history?

The overarching theme for my work explores the silencing of women. I have been greatly influenced by the classicist Mary Beard, and the domestication of imagery that stems from the Greek and Roman classical myths.

Having focused upon the myth of Leda and the Swan, the resulting work concentrates upon Leda but includes other female mythological characters to disrupt and provide new visualised outcomes.

My use of a phenomenological approach hopes to demonstrate the power of the domesticated myth and through use of a transgressive and critical approach hopes to redirect and feature the female protagonist who has readdressed the balance of power to take ownership of her future.

Working across multiple disciplines, which include sculpture, print and paint, the work appropriates known stories and artworks to interrupt and challenge the maintenance of the patriarchy.