I have a blog called the Metaphysical Catholic.  But sometimes I want to talk about  something else or talk about something too complicated for a blog post.  So, I made a site.

Seems really egotistical to just put your own name on something when you are a nobody, but, this site is here to hold the things that don't belong on the blog and are, in fact, just my own stuff.  Stuff I like or think or want to share.  

I mean, look at this:  

I might think Otto's pretty metaphysical, but probably in general folks do not agree! 

I have some fairly nutty conspiracy-theory things to say about Fatima and, hey, my blog pages of extraordinary experiences make me seem nutty enough, already.  Hoping here I can make a reasoned case and show some connections to present-day realities without seeming to be lost inside the marshmallow.

Be a bad place to be stranded without a graham cracker and a few Hershey bars.  

Divine Mercy Chaplet

Here's a nice version of the Divine Mercy Chaplet,
because we just can't pray enough!

And below is a nice version of Blest Are They because we just can't pray enough!

My email is juliamae@gmx.com  If you email me I might put the text here someplace, but I won't mention anyone's name unless they say it's okay.