Julia Cagé

I am an Assistant Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics at Sciences Po Paris.

I am also co-director of the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Public Policies (LIEPP)'s "Evaluation of Democracy" research group
& a Research Affiliate of the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
(Economic History, Industrial Organization, and Public Economics Programs).

NEW: Le prix de la démocratie, Fayard, 2018.
English translation: Harvard University Press, forthcoming.

NEW: "The Production of Information in an Online World" (with Nicolas Hervé and Marie-Luce Viaud),
Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming.
NEW: “Media Competition, Information Provision and Political Participation: Evidence from French Local Newspapers and Elections, 1944-2014
Journal of Public Economics, forthcoming.
NEW: "Newspapers in Times of Low Advertising Revenues" (with Charles Angelucci)
American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2019.

Contact Information

Department of Economics
Sciences Po Paris
28, rue des Saints-Pères
75007 Paris, France