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My name is Julia Wetzel and I'm a line dance Choreographer/Instructor in the San Francisco Bay Area. You'll find the latest version of my stepsheets and demo videos on my site
along with information about my classes/workshops. Thank you for visiting. See you on the dance floor!

My Latest Choreography                                                                                                      

Earned It - Int/Adv, 96 Counts, 3 Walls (Stepsheet) 

Earned It YouTube Demo

Earned It Demo for Germany and Netherlands

One More Day - Intermediate, 32 Counts, 4 Walls (Stepsheet) 

One More Day Demo

My Classes                                                                                                                              

Tuesday High Beginner Class at Marti's Dance Studio in Los Altos 

My Current Favorite Dances                                                                                                 

Updated 2/25/15
The Way You Look - Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse Raymond Sarlemijn 
Hypnotized - Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse Raymond Sarlemijn 
Tears of Joy - Karl-Harry Winson
How Will I Know - Linda McCormack & Rachael McEnaney
McMotion - Linda McCormack & Rachael McEnaney
Rock & Roll Kind - Rachael McEnaney
Hard Work - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
I'm Burning Up - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
Turkish Delight - Ria Vos, Oli Geir & Shelly Guichard

My Choreography                                                                                                                    

My Demo Videos                                                                                                                      

Write Your Name Full Demo

Write Your Name Walk-Through YouTube Demo

Dear Future Husband Demo

Get Ready Demo

Ring My Bells Demo


For other demo videos, visit my YouTube Channel or 
for videos not available on YouTube, visit my Videos Page

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