Note: 7/16/09 I was notified by a SFC member that my download links had become corrupted. I apologize for this inconvenience. These problems have been fixed. If there are any other broken links or other problems, please notify me by emailing me at jukiascreations@gmail.com .

Welcome Everyone

Hello everyone!  Jukia here!
Welcome to my Sims website.

I have previously created Sims 1 items and am currently recoloring objects from the Sims 3.

I am a proud member of the Sims Fanatics Community.  You can find the SFC as a Yahoo Group  and soon to be a Facebook Group.  You can find downloads in the many Yahoo Groups associated with the SFC.

A few of its members have personal websites of their own that provide many downloadable objects and tutorials.  You may find these websites in the right column on all of my pages.  I personally suggest visiting ValzGreat's website.  I sure love that gal!  :)

Please be patient, for there are very few Sims 3 downloads available due to the new-ness of the game.  I will try to make them available as soon as I am able.

Feel Free to browse my website and download what you wish.


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