Welcome to the Jujuman Science Institute at Perkins County High School

Leroy holding the Jujuman Science Institute logo

The goal of the Jujuman Science Institute is to become a premier science learning environment.  Our motto is simple:  Science is both easy and fun.

Some people cringe when they think about their high school Biology, Chemistry, or Physics classes.  The reason for this is simple:  Not everyone learns to ENJOY science.  To these individuals, science remains a mysterious subject that requires lots of memorization, confusing terminology, and complex processes. 

To be fair, science does have these problems.  However, this doesn’t have to cause cold sweats at night.  Learning science can be fun and interesting.  Entering into the institute courses with an open mind will go a LONG way towards enjoying your year.

Lesson Plans

Color codes:
    Red = Anatomy
    Green = Biology
    Blue = Physical Science
    Gold = Internaut