11/7/22010: This UI is not 4.0.x compatible. I will eventually update this with a new compilation JujUI v4. Stay tuned for upcoming updates.

Lastest Update
at Apr 18, 2010 10:17 PM

I have designed my own UI for World of Warcraft. This is actually my third major UI revision, and I am very proud of my latest creation. It will work on any 16:10 resolution ratio, and I believe some tweaking will allow for it to work on 16:9 resolutions as well, but I do not formally support that resolution.

This UI was designed to be minimalistic, functional, clean, and useful as well as aesthetically pleasing. Below are a few screenshots of the UI. Grid will expand up to 25 players, and Omen will show up and hide based on combat. The memory usage should be around 20 to 25mb on normal usage. (I use Auctioneer so the screenshots say a significantly higher number)

Please note you will need WinRAR to extract JujUI. You can get a trial copy of it here.
Download the file by clicking Download which is found under the Attachments section.
Backup and remove your old Interface and WTF folders within your World of Warcraft Directory.
Then extract JujUI and put the extracted Fonts, Interface and WTF folders into your World of Warcraft Directory.
Then make sure you go into the WTF folder, and change "ACCOUNTNAME", "SERVERNAME", and "CHARACTERNAME" folders to your own.
Make sure you click Addons and check "Load out of date Addons" in the login screen. Otherwise bad stuff will happen.
Once you log in and see your character, you must use the command:

/reflux switch Default

It is case sensitive, so make sure you type it in with a capitalized Default.

After that, you may configure DBM by moving its bars. I have them resting right on top of my Unitframes for player and target growing upwards.
Feel free to tweak or tune the UI to your own usage patterns afterwards.

Included Addons
I'd like to thank all the authors of the following addons. They have done a great job and deserve a lot of kudos.
ACP, Atlas, Atlasloot, BadBoy, BadBoy_CCleaner, BadBoy_Levels, Bartender4, Broker_Everything, ButtonFacade, ButtonFacade_LiteStep, caelNamePlates, Clique, DBM-Core, ElitistGroup, ElkBuffBars, epgp, ErrorFilter, GearScore, Grid, GridManaBars, HoloFriends, kgPanels, MikScrollingCombatText, Omen, OmniCC, OmniCC_Shine, Pitbull4, Postal, Prat 3.0, Quartz, Recount, Reflux, SexyMap, Spamalyzer, SquawkAndAwe, StatBlockCore, TipTac, and XLoot.

This UI is distributed in an AS-IS basis. I will not be liable for any headaches you may incur if you decide to use this UI. :)
And with that, I wish you good luck in WoW. :)

MD5: 5404460476102CEFA8F61D43716D977E
Jeremy Ho,
Apr 18, 2010, 10:17 PM
Jeremy Ho,
Apr 18, 2010, 9:41 PM
Jeremy Ho,
Apr 18, 2010, 9:41 PM
Jeremy Ho,
Apr 18, 2010, 9:41 PM