Tennis Video 2.0

Research on sports videos is interesting and full of challenges due to the increase in the number of game videos and the demand for video diversification. This paper proposes a new method for presenting sports videos. Tennis videos are used as an example for the implementation of a viewing program called as Tennis Video 2.0. By video processes of structure analysis, content extraction, and enriched video rendering, the presentation of sports videos has three properties---Structure, Interactivity, and Scalability. Structure allows people to browse game videos and watch highlights on demands. Furthermore, the proposed strategy search is a convenient way to find favorite hit patterns. Interactivity provides people with functions to watch enriched game video rendered in real-time. These functions can provide more enjoyment to viewers watching games. Scalability enables the video to be scalable in a semantic domain. Four different levels of video content are transmitted to accommodate different bandwidth limitations. In conclusion, the proposed sports video viewer allows people to watch games in a different way than previously possible.

Tennis Video 2.0 -- Structure

Tennis Video 2.0 -- Interactivity

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Jui-Hsin Lai, Chieh-Li Chen, Chieh-Chi Kao and Shao-Yi Chien, “Tennis Video 2.0: A New Presentation of Sports Videos with Content Separation and Rendering”, Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation (JVCI), Volume 22, Issue 3, April 2011, Pages 271-283.

Download: JVCI_Tennis2.pdf (2.1 MB)

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Tennis Video 2.0 -- Scalability