Semantic Scalability using Tennis Videos as Examples

Scalable video is the research topic to provide different size of video bitstream under different transmission bandwidth. In this paper, the semantic scalability is proposed that provides the scalable videos in semantic domain, and the tennis videos are used as the experiments. Contrary to decreasing the video quality to reduce the bitrates, the lower bitstream size is achieved by abandoning the video contents with less semantic importance. The experimental results show that the proposed semantic scalability provides four levels of the scalable videos and maintains the visual quality in watching the game video. For user study, evaluators identify the visual quality of semantic scalability is more acceptable and the game information is clearer than Scalable Video Coding. The proposed scalability in semantic domain provides a new aspect for the scalable video.

Paper Download

Jui-Hsin Lai and Shao-Yi Chien, “Semantic Scalability Using Tennis Videos as Examples”, Multimedia Tool and Applications (MTAP), Volume 59, Issue 2, 2012, Page 585-599.

Download: MTAP_ScalableVideo.pdf  (586 KB)

Demo Video of French Open

Demo Video of Wimbledon Open

Demo Video of Australia Open

Demo Video of US Open