Jui-Hsin (Larry), Lai --  賴瑞欣

Research Scientist,                                                           

IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, New York, US

Work Experience

   Research Scientist                                              2013.09 - Present

   IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, New York, US


   - object detection & tracking on mobile devices

   - signal process and network construction of brain neuron

   - personality detection via social multimedia analysis

   Substitute Military Service                                2012.06 - 2013.06

   Environmental Protection Administration, Taiwan


   - information analysis for geography and climate change

   - monitoring and prediction for air pollution

   Post-Doctoral Researcher                                2011.10 - 2012.06

   Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia,

   National Taiwan University, Taiwan


   - human’s heart beat extraction via vision-based sensor

   - sports videos analysis and applications on mobile devices

   Project Manager & Senior Engineer                2007.04 - 2011.08

   Computer Vision Algorithm & Hardware Development          

   Yotta Labs Technology Co., LTD, Taipei, Taiwan


   - algorithm of object tracking and orientation detection

   - algorithm of face recognition and tracking

   - System-on-Chip design on mobile devices for real-time 

     computation of computer vision

Research Topics
    A. Algorithm of video/image processing
        - real-time object/face tracking
        - signal processing and network analysis for calcium imaging of brain neuron
        - sports video extraction/analysis
        - object segmentation

    B. Multimedia system
        - obstacle detection under high speed driving on autonomous vehicle 
        - architecture and IC design for video processing
        - logic design and System-on-a-Chip (SOC)
        - real-time human computer interaction with vision-based sensor

    C. Publication
        - 5 international journal papers
        - 15 international conference papers

    D. Patent
        - 5 issued
        - 5 in pending

    Tennis Real Play      
    IBR Engine              
    Tennis Video 2.0     
    SR Sprite                 

    Display (Ver.4)
Graduate Institute of Electronics Engineering
National Taiwan University, 2011
Email:  juihsin.lai (at) gmail.com