• Scholarship for Post-Doctorial Fellow, 2012  ( 2012 國科會 博士後千里馬獎學金 ) - National Science Council awards ~50 outstanding postdoc researchers each year, covering all academic departments in Taiwan, with $44,000 USD scholarship per person for overseas research. I received this award in 2012.
  • Outstanding Award, 2011  (國立台灣大學  一百學年度傑出表現獎) - National Taiwan University selects a few (~10) students having outstanding performance in specific domain to be honored with the Outstanding Award per annum. In 2011, I received the Outstanding Award and a $6,600 USD scholarship.
  • High-Potential Patent Award, 2010  ( 2010  經濟部工業局   重點廣技術獎)  - One of my patents, Method for Decomposition and Rendering for Video Content and User Interface Operating the Method Thereof, with No. US 8,300,894 B2 was chosen as the highest potential patent in Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart, 2010. An award with free advertisement and promotion by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan.
  • Gold Prize of the 10th MXIC Contest, Taiwan, 2010(第十屆旺宏金矽獎  應用組 金獎)- MXIC IC Design Contest is the highest IC Design Content in Taiwan. Thousands of contests from universities with their innovative system design/SOC join this event for the award and a $10,000 USD scholarship.
  • Class-A Scholarship, 2006, 2007, 2008(國立台灣大學電子所  九十五、九十六、九十七學年度A類獎助學金)- My grade rankings are all top-three, from 2006 to 2008 in a row, in Graduate Institute of Electronics Engineering, NTU. I was honored with $4,800 USD scholarship each year.
  • Ranked 1st in the exam of PhD Entrance, 2006(國立台灣大學電子所  九十五學年度  碩士逕修博士第一名入學)- Graduate Institute of Electronics Engineering, National Taiwan University, 2006 
  • Best Innovative Team Leadership Award, 8th TIC100, 2006(第八屆TIC100創新事業競賽  最佳創新團隊領導獎)
  • 2nd Prize of the 4th Innovation Contest, ASUS and NTU SOC Center, 2006(國立台灣大學第四屆系統創新設計競賽  優等)

Volunteer Experience

  • Founder - Mountain Cleaners in Taipei, 2012 Every man born in Taiwan needs to take at least one-year military service to be under obligation to our country/society. In 2012, with my expertise in computer science, I was not sent to the troop but arranged at Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, Taiwan for doing information analysis. I found that there were some mountains polluted by lots of trash, however there is always a budget limitation for our government to clean it. So, I was hands-on to organize a group "Mountain Cleaners in Taipei" to clean those mountains by citizens. Before I left for US, I hosted ten events to clean 10 different mountains in Taipei. The attending people was 10 in the first event and increased to 30s in the following events. In each event, I had to broadcast it on Facebook, organize the traffic to the mountain, especially not everyone has a car driving to the mountain, prepare all bags and clips for trash picking, check all participator's equipment, like food, water, clothes, and raincoat, because the mountain climate is changing all the time. To give participators a higher motivation, I would prepare gifts for the group which picks the most amount of trash. Although those things took me lots of effort and money, I really feel happy to do that. Indeed, each event we not only clean the mountain but also clean our mind. Besides, I made many friends from those events. It is really nice to do something good for our society.

 Teaching Assistant

    Computer-aided VLSI System Design,                      Fall 2008

    Digital Video Technology,                                         Spring 2008

    Computer-aided VLSI System Design,                      Fall 2007

    Computer-aided VLSI System Design,                      Spring 2007

    Computer-aided VLSI System Design,                      Fall 2006

    All in Graduate Institute of Electronics Engineering, National Taiwan University

    Training Course of Circuit Design and Planning,         Fall 2008

    In Yen Tjing Ling Industrial Research Institute, National Taiwan University


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