Raw Video Player

Raw Video Player (Display) is a player for videos/images in raw format. This tool is designed for viewing the experimental results in the video/image processing. If having any question, you are welcome to contact with me.

You are welcome to modify my program to make it more powerful. I also hope you can share your execution file or source code to more people :). Please send me your modification. It's my pleasure to provide various versions of 'Raw Video Display' on this webpage.   The source code is available here (project created on Borland C++ Builder 2010 with C language).

  Function Descriptions
  1. The frame round shows the file name which is currently opened.
  2. Open a file by dropping it on the program. Display supports various video/image formats: *.jpg, *.bmp, *.raw, *.yuv, *.rgb, and *.y. Note that a raw image with RGB444P format would be generated when opening a jpg or bmp image file.
  3. Display supports four RAW formats. The button to select the format of file 1.
  4. The button to open file 1.
  5. The button to capture the frame and save it as [File Name].jpg and [File Name].bmp.
  6. The button to open file 2.
  7. Four RAW formats of file 2 can be chosen.
  8. Play the file in a “Loop”, “Fit” the display region to the window size, and maintain the “Ratio” of display region to the file’s dimension.
  9. Width”, “Height”, and frame-per-second(“FPS”) of the file. Note that Display would record these information when opening a file in the first time, and these information would be automatically filled when opening it in the next time.
  10. Double-click on the region to show the zoom-in effect.
  11. Show the information of pixel-value on the mouse’s location.
  12. Enable “V2” to display the file 2, enable “V1-V2” to display file 1 and file 2 in the same time, and enable “Difference(Y)” to display the difference(luminance) of file 1 and file 2. In addition, the drawing bar is designed to amplify the difference.

 Shots of Display

Display two videos with RGB444P and Y format, respectively.

Display the difference of two videos.

Settings to automatically launch “Display”