Troubleshooting Simulator

Your troubleshooting homework assignment is to complete tutorial, and complete the 6 basic and 6 advanced faults contained in the Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits Version 4 (TEC4) program with a skill rating in the yellow region or higher by the deadlines listed below.  Additional faults may also be completed to raise your skill rating.

The troubleshooting program is accessable from any location on campus, but not from off campus. It only runs on Windows computers.  (Sorry Mac Users!)  The computers in the library, lounges, and hallways are available if your computer doesn't work. The MMA license for this software allows for 15 concurrent users. If all 15 licences are in use, you will need to try again later.  We also occasionally experience network problems which may prevent you from using the program.

If you are having trouble connecting to the software, contact Mr. Haynes for help.

To Connect to the Troubleshooting Software across the network

  1. Connect to the server

    When you are finished with this step, you will have mapped the server \\SimutechV4 to network drive Z: on your computer.

    1. If you are using the MMA wireless network, open your web browser and check that your computer is connected to the network.  Log on to the wireless network if the authentication screen appears.  If you are using a wired connection, you're good to go.
    2. Choose My Computer from the Start Menu, or Computer from the Windows Menu on Windows 7.
    3. Enter \\SimutechV4 in the address bar at the top left of the window, and hit the Enter key.  (See illustration.) 
    4. When you have successfully connected to the server, you will see a directory containing Simutech and SIMUTECHDATA.
    5. Right Click on the Simutech icon and select Map Network Drive... Note the drive letter selected.  It will usually be the "Z:" drive.
    6. Click Finish.

  2. Run the Simulation Software

    When you are finished with this step, you will be running the TEC4 Program from the Z: drive.

    1. Make sure the window is displaying the the Z: drive, or which ever letter was used in step 5 above.
    2. Double click on the TEC4 (not TMC4) directory icon on the Z: drive to open it.
    3. Double click on the TEC4 application icon in the TEC4 directory to launch it.
    4. Follow the on-screen instructions and have fun.
  3. The first time you use the simulator, you will need to give yourself a username and password.  Choose a username made with your first and last name, so that the instructors will be able to give you credit for your work.  Example: ben franklin.

  4. Scoring

    Your score for this portion of your lab grade will be determined by your "Overall Skill Rating" as determined by the software.  To achieve a high score, avoid safety errors and don't blindly replace unnecessary components.  Failure to complete the assignment by the deadline will result in a 10% penalty. 

     If you wish try to raise your score, you may complete the "extra" faults.  The "extra" faults scores will be averaged with your "basic" and "advanced" scores to determine your "Overall Skill Rating."  

    The red zone is a score between 0 and 50.

    The yellow zone is a score between 50 and 80.

    The green zone is a score between 80 and 100.

    The purple zone is a score between 100 and 110.