Tips for Success

Prepare for the lab

A day or two before the lab, look over the lab in the lab book. Have a clue about what you are going to be doing in the lab. If you need to, look up unfamiliar terms or concepts in your textbook or online.

Pay attention during the lab

You should do more than just follow the steps of the procedure. Think about what you are doing and observing. How does it relate to what you already know?

Review after the lab

After the lab you should think about the point of the exercise, the principles that were demonstrated, and what you observed and learned. Compare what you saw in the lab with the corresponding material in your textbook. Look up and review concepts that you are unclear about. Look at the review questions at the end of each exercise. The answers to these questions are here. I recommend taking some notes about each lab, and keeping them together for review for the exam.

Prepare for the final

There will be a final exam covering the material covered in this lab consisting of three questions from each of the 12 labs. Review your notes prior to the final exam for best results.