Prof Juho Kanniainen's pages

Recent Research Highlights

Review of Finance
"Jump and Volatility Dynamics for the S&P500: Evidence for Infinite-Activity Jumps with Non-Affine Volatility Dynamics from Stock and Option Markets"

Don't use affine stochastic volatility models with Poisson jumps any more! [Read more]

To appear in Finance Research Letters
"Limit Order Books and Liquidity around Scheduled and Non-Scheduled Announcements: Empirical Evidence from NASDAQ Nordic" 

What happens in limit order books around announcements? [Read more]

Journal of Banking and Finance
"Estimating and Using GARCH Models with VIX Data for Option Valuation"

Use VIX to improve the performance of option pricing models [Read more]

Digital Signal Processing
"A Fast Universal Self-tuned Sampler within Gibbs sampling"

A new self-tuned and extremely efficient MCMC algorithm [Read more]

Project Highlights

BigDataFinance EU project: New quantitative and econometric methods for empirical finance and risk management with large and complex datasets by exploiting big data techniques

HPCFinance EU project: At the fertile crossroads of Financial Engineering and High Performance Computing providing robust solutions to managing financial risks