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Alumni Officers of Spring 2010
President - Brittany Butler   

Brittany started juggling in the winter of 2006 when she got a three ball juggling kit for Christmas. She met Eric (treasurer) in high school and slowly got to know the local juggling community, including the Institute of Jugglology. She helped found the Razorback Jugglers in the spring of '10 as their Promotions officer and managed all pictures, videos, flyers, website, YouTube Channel, and club email. Now President, she helps manage the club and with the rest of the member’s plans events, schedules volunteer opportunities, and promotes the awesomeness of juggling amongst the community. Currently she's working on the 5 ball cascade, can juggle 6 balls (doing multiplexes - it's still juggling), 3 clubs, and 3 rings. Her overall goal is to juggle flaming chainsaws. 


Treasurer - Eric Jackson 

In 2003 Eric's older brother learned how to juggle from a juggling club at West Campus High, hosted by Joel Henderson. Eric wanted to learn as well and soon learned to juggle 3 and 4 balls. Not long afterwards the club fell by the wayside and the jugglers departed, mostly going on to bigger and better things. Then about 4 and a half to 5 years ago Brittany (President) began juggling and a new allegiance was born. He attended the 2007 Jones Center Juggle-fest where he met other local jugglers and soon his juggling took off! Now he can run 5, 6, and 7 balls (occasionally flashing 8 balls), 5 and 6 rings, and has flashed 7 rings multiple times. He can also run 5 clubs and has qualified 6 clubs. He joined the Razorback Jugglers because it helps to get a good message out there for jugglers and for the juggling community. He's helped the club through several promotional events such as the OMNI Peace Fest as well as many casual street performances to support club sign ups. As a member of the club he's performed at the 2010 Jones Center Juggle-fest, at a juggling show ft. Doug Sayers (hosted by the RJ's), and at Katherines Place in Fayetteville.

Public Relations - Joel Paul 
Founding President Jared Davis
Jared has been juggling on and off since learning to juggle 3 balls in 2001. Sense learning he has tried to spread his joy of juggling with as many people as possible. He has attended roughly 25 juggling festivals, including 4 International Jugglers' Association Festivals and one European Juggling Convention. He was the founding President of the Razorback Jugglers on campus in the Spring of '09 and has sense helped organize performances on campus, such as the Juggling Show featuring Doug Sayers. Now a grad student, he still helps organize and plan events for the club to further spread the joy that juggling can bring.
Founding Vice President Willie Benson