15.08.2013 Writing and testing high frequency trading systems in Java

Update 2: Die Folien sind hier: https://github.com/PerformanceJUG/Presentations
Update 1: Bitte beachten: Aufgrund der hohen Teilnehmerzahl gibt es eine Raumänderung!

In a 45 min presentation similar to the one Peter will be giving at JavaOne 2013, he will be covering such topics as
  • GC free, lockless coding
  • Low latency coding (less than 10 microseconds request/response )
  • High throughput (Over 100K request/responses per second on a laptop)
  • Using Chronicle for low latency persistence
  • Using sun.misc.Unsafe
  • Using System.nanoTime() between machines
  • Use cases in finance
Peter Lawrey has a popular blog "Vanilla Java" which gets 120K page views per months, is 3rd on StackOverflow.com for Java (1st to get a Silver badge for answers on the JVM), lead developer of the OpenHFT project which includes support for off heap memory, thread pinning and low latency persistence (as low as 10 nano-seconds)  Peter Lawrey is an active contributor to the Performance Java User's Group where he offer two free virtual sessions per month on various low latency topics.

Der JUGF-Stammtisch findet am 15.08.2013 ab 18:30 Uhr bei Cofinpro (
Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße 69-77, 
Meeting-Room 3

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