23.02.2011 Vortrag: A Walkthrough Groovy's AST Transformations

Learn all about the wonders of Groovy's AST transformations! Tweaking the AST at compile time is a very powerful tool however some developers may find this task a bit daunting as knowledge of the compiler internals must be attained before hand. But Groovy offers an alternative in the form of AST transformations. These set of classes will enhance your code at compile time without you having to write the modifying code by hand. In this session we will explore the set of predefined AST transformations that come bundled in the standard Groovy distribution, and perhaps we can cover some additional ones found in other projects.

Andres is a Java/Groovy developer and Java Champion, with more than 11 years of experience in software design and development. He has been involved in web and desktop application developments since the early days of Java. He has also been teacher of computer science courses in the most prestigious education institute in Mexico. His current interests include Groovy, Scala and Swing. 
He is a true believer of open source and has participated in popular projects like Groovy, Griffon, JMatter and DbUnit, as well as starting his own projects (Json-lib, EZMorph, GraphicsBuilder, JideBuilder). Founding member and current project lead of the Griffon framework. 
He blogs periodically at http://jroller.com/aalmiray. You can find him on twitter too as @aalmiray. He likes to spend time with his beloved wife, Ixchel, when not hacking around. 

Der JUGF-Stammtisch findet am 23.02. um 19 Uhr in der Brotfabrik statt, Vortragssprache ist Englisch.

Anmelden könnt ihr euch wie immer mit Doodle.

27.02.2010: The slides of the presentation are attached to this site. 

Alexander Culum,
27.02.2011, 08:37