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Ph.D. students graduated (supervisor)
  • Aseel Hmood "A Unified Metamodel for Assessing and Predicting Software Evolvability Quality", 2013
  • Iman Keivanloo "Source Code Similarity and Clone Search", 2013
  • Philipp Schugerl, "Semantic Web Enabled Software Engineering", 2011
Ph.D. students graduated (co-supervised)
  • Yong Gang Zhang ( Co-supervisor: Dr. Haarslev, Concordia), "An Ontology-based Program Comprehension Model", 2007
  • Jameleddine Hassine ( Co-supervisor: Dr. Dssouli, Concordia), "Formal Semantics and Verification of Use Case Maps", 2008

  • Mohammed-K. Donyaee (Cpo-supervisor: Dr. Seffah, Concordia)," Usability Prediction in Early Design: Measure-Based Model", 2008

M.Sc. students graduated (supervised)
  • Christopher Neil,"LODNav -- An Interactive Visualization of the Linking Open Data Cloud",2014
  • Hai Hong Song,"Dynamic Coarse-Grained Predicate Slicing for  Message Passing Programs",2006
  • Pabhanin Leelahapant,"Predictive Regression Test Selection Technique by Means of Formal Concept  Analysis", 2006
  • David Walsh, "Quality Validation through Pattern Detection – A Semantic Web Perspective", 2012
  • Jacqueline Hewitt, "Specification-Level Change Impact Analysis with Use Case Maps", 2006
  • Sheng Hua, Shi, "3D Visualization of Design Patterns for Large Program Comprehension", 2005,
  • Bing Chen,"Applying Aspect Oriented Programming to Support Tracing of Functional Features", 2006
  • Maryam Shiri,"Supporting UCM Requirements Evolution by Means of Formal Concept Analysis", 2008
  • Nguyen Vu Loc, "3D-UMLVis – Visualizing Design Pattern in 3D Space", 2006
  • Philippe Charland, "Applying program slicing in OO testing", 2006
  • Susmita Haldar, " Feature extracting using program slicing",  2004
  • Frederic Plouffe, "DoxyChange – Visualization of Software Changes", 2005
  • Zhou Zing GE,"Dynamic forward slicing", 2005
  • Hongfei Zhu, " Regression Test Selection for Distributed Java RMI Programs by Means of Formal Concept Analysis", 2008
  • Fuzhi Chen, "Visual Representation of a Customizable Software Maintenance Process Model", 2009
  • Ahmed Shafique, "Mining Software Repositories to Support Software Evolution",2008
  • Xian Xiaohua,"2D & 3D UML-Based Software Visualization for OO programs",2004
  • Yonggang Zhang,"Automatic Design Pattern Recovery", 2003
  • Wen Jun Meng, "Object oriented slicing based software metrics", 2003
  • Cui Zhi, "Dynamic forward slicing of OO programs", 2003
  • Bin Wu, "A Criterion Based Slicing Algorithm for Object-Oriented programs",2003
  • Bhaskar Karanth, "Utilizing the notion of removable blocks to enhance program slicing algorithms", 2002

Co-supervised M.Sc. students

  • Ninus Khamis (Co-Supervisor: Dr. Witte, Concordia), "Assessing the Quality Factors found in In-line Documentation written in Natural Language: The JAVADOCMINER", 2011
  • Patel Chiragkumar, (Co-Supervisor:Dr. Hamou-Lhadi, Concordia), "Software Clustering Using Dynamic Analysis and Static Dependencies", 2008
  • Rohatgi Abhishek (Co-Supervisor: Dr. Hamou-Lhadi, Concordia),An Approach towards Feature Location Based on Impact Analysis, 2008

  • Laleh Mousavieshkevari (Co-Supervisor: Dr.Constantinides, Concordia), Refactoring, 2007

  • Wang, Jian Qung (Co-supervisor: Dr. Mudur, Concordia), Software Visualization beyond 3D, 2003

  • Hermann Stoeckle (Co-supervisor: Dr. Laux, FH-Reutlingen, Germany), Enhancing Software Design evaluation through program slicing, 2002
  • Juergen Lukas (Co-supervisor: Dr. Laux, FH-Reutlingen, Germany),MOOSE a program comprehension framework, 2001

NSERC undergraduate summer scholarships

  • Frederic Plouffe, 2002
  •  Salomon Bendavid, 2001
  • Burhan Nizameddine, 2001
  • Alex Buchanan, 2000
  • Malcolm Maltinsky, 2000