Welcome to the world of ZEKE & MOSES! 

    Most people know about all the Civil War battles fought in and around Petersburg and other Virginia locales, but how about the first war for freedom...The Revolution.  Before the surrender at Yorktown, fighting moved into Petersburg, what is now Colonial Heights, other parts of Chesterfield County, and central Virginia as well.   
    In the novel Zeke & Moses: Revolutionary Friends, Zeke is living with his grandparents on a farm where the Colonial Heights Friendly's is now located. As the story opens he is with his Dad at a tent meeting in Flowerdew Hundred.  There he meets a young slave boy named Moses and they quickly become friends.   
   Unfortunately, Zeke is kidnapped while there and then one thing leads to another.  But through it all, the two youths remain friends and even become involved in a spy mystery.           
   The book is now available at http://www.publishamerica.net/product86218.htm  I hope you will link to the site and check it out!           

Dear Teachers, and parents of homeschoolers,

   I am the author of Zeke and Moses: Revolutionary Friends.  This is a novel written for middle school students, and designed to cover the standards for reading in the middle grades.  I have already taught the novel to a group of my public schools students, and was encouraged by them to get it published.


   Now that the final book is published, I have also prepared lots of teaching materials to accompany the text. 

If you would like to email me about the novel, or order the supplementary materials that are available, feel free to contact me!
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