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Steps Toward Making it Happen

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In early 2001 we made another trip to Aguascalientes to learn more about the city and look at what properties were available.  We even made an overnight trip to some neighboring towns with our new friends and hosts, Licha and Manuel.



We had pretty much decided that building a house may be better than trying to remodel one to the way we would like it.  Our friends insisted that we once again stay with them and their daughter alerted us to some property that was for sale in a new addition, only about 2 minutes away from where she and her family lived.  We immediately were both drawn to the lot that had the "arroyo”  (government-owned huge creek bed, available for owner use) running along the back of the property and a great view of the mountains.  The property is in a new "fraccionamento" (addition) and each lot is 10,000 square meters (about 2.5 acres).

Aguascalientes is on a plateau of about 6200 feet, so the mountains in the distance, don’t appear too high, but are lovely to look at. As we stood at the back of the property with quietness all around, John asked me what I thought of it.  Tears immediately welled up and I answered, “If I lived here, I would never want to leave.”  Although the price was more than we had intended to pay, it was a very good price compared to properties of its kind in the area and we took the plunge and bought it.



In the interim between buying the property and our move in early 2003, we made one more trip there together and John made two more trips (one alone and one with his brother, who by this time had bought the lot directly across the street from ours).  On the first of those 3 trips we were able to be there while most of the shop/storage building was built.  Later on, under the supervision of our friends, the cistern, and septic tank were built, the fence put up and the foundation was built for the house.