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John and Judy Snyder's Retirement in Mexico



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The Exploration Trip

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When we felt our research was pretty complete, I took three weeks vacation and with our itinerary of most-probable cities in hand, in February of 2000 we set out to find the place that would meet all the criteria we had laid out.  At times during that trip we realized that we were really looking for a needle in a haystack. 


During our 3500-mile trip, we asked as many questions as possible, always checking the prices at the markets and stores.  One by one we checked off the cities on our itinerary with a disappointed sigh of, “No, this just doesn’t seem like some place we’d like to live.”


In addition to our quest for the perfect residential area for us, naturally we wanted to use this trip to see as many places of interest as possible.  I was captivated by the many beautiful cathedrals with architecture ranging from Gothic to Mediterranean.  We found ourselves both admiring the Spaniards for building the amazingly beautiful structures and despising them for using slave labor.  Some churches built over the period of more than one century revealed more than one type of architecture in the same building.  The collage of steeples is a taste of the many architecturally beautiful cathedrals and churches.



When we came to Guadalajara (not on our list, but a city we wanted to see) the two of us had a serious conference and were really sad to conclude, that we really hadn’t found any place that we would want to call home and that we’d go back to Kansas and start anew our quest for “that” place.  I suggested that we visit the Pacific coast for a couple days since it might be quite a while before we would return to that part of Mexico.  After a couple nice days in Mazanillo and Puerto Vallarta, we returned to Guadalajara, ready to go back home and seek some place other than Mexico in which to retire.