A Photo Tour of the Building Project

John and Judy Snyder's Retirement in Mexico - created by Judy Snyder


Where to Begin

The Exploration Trip

Finding THE Place

Steps Toward Making it Happen

Tying Things Up NOB

The Actual Move

Building the House

A Photo Tour of the Building Project

Heads Up

Here in Mexico We Enjoy...


The Entrance 

Front View of House

Back View

 "Aerial" View - Dry season

The "Bodega" and Water Tower 

The bodega is a shop with work bench, tools, etc; storage for lawn tractor, etc. 

The tower is built over septic tank; houses 2 large water tanks on top; two floors of storage in between



The laundry room (includes a bathroom)

The kitchen


Looking out onto courtyard from kitchen

Dining room

"Tulip" Guest Room

Calla Lily Guest Room

Living Room


 Guest Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

The Office

  The Courtyard