The walk started because of a teacher here at Viroqua Area Schools that touched numerous lives.  We continue this walk because of her and others that have touched the lives of so many. 



Daughter, Wife, Mother, Friend



What can be said about Mrs. Olson? She was our teacher, our coach, and our friend. I don’t know of a student in the school that Mrs. Olson didn’t know by name. Not only did she know their name, she knew something special about that student. It was her priority to develop special relationships with every student. Mrs. Olson made a positive impact on everyone she knew. She had a special way of bringing anyone up when they were down and her smile brightened everyone’s day. I remember walking down the halls to music class and seeing Mrs. Olson at the end of the hallway. When I reached her doorway, she always had something kind to say or wished me luck in the activity that I might be participating in that day. These words of encouragement were given to all students every day.


Mrs. Olson taught us so much over the years; she taught us lessons in the classroom, but more importantly she taught us life lessons.

·  Mrs. Olson showed us that when we respect ourselves and others, we benefit in so many ways throughout our lives. 


·  She showed us by example that when you are positive and you decide to be happy, good things come your way. We all know that you could not walk by Mrs. Olson without getting a big smile and a heartfelt greeting. Somehow she always brightened our days.    


·  Thoughtfulness was something that came naturally to Mrs. Olson, whether we needed words, a hug, or just for her to listen to us. She was there….she was always there for her students.      


Mrs. Olson taught us to set goals for ourselves. We set goals for what we did athletically, in our studies, and for our lives. She encouraged us to be whatever we wanted to be -- there was no goal out of reach for her students.  As an example, during track season, my 7th and 8th grade year, Mrs. Olson challenged me and everyone else on the team to work their hardest and be the best they could be.


-Joseph Poshepny