Pictures Say It All

Meet Sandy, who lost 71 lbs and 10.1% body fat.

Meet Kyle, who lost an amazing 100 lbs in six months and 10% body fat.

Meet Craig, who lost 23 lbs and 8% body fat.

Meet Doug, who lost 110 lbs. and 11% body fat.

Meet Mary, who lost of 49 lbs. and 12.8% body fat.

Meet Erin, who lost of 39 lbs. and 6.7% body fat.


Meet Kellie, who has lost a total of 118 lbs. to date and 20.6% body fat.

Meet Richard who went from 26.5% body fat to 19.6% in 7 months with a 30 lb. weight loss.


The pictures that demonstrate our clinical cases, before and after, have not been digitally modified nor in any way enhanced. The before-after pictures present the same person. These persons explicitly agreed to have their pictures taken and to be published. It is important to know that the result presented concerns this particular person and we cannot guarantee the exact same result, since it varies depending on the patient.