8 Great Tips on How to Prepare a Home to Sell

When it comes to selling a home for top dollar, a little preparation goes a long way. The temptation to sell fast and move on is always appealing. However, anybody in the process of selling should think of the prep stage as a job in itself, and a well-paying one at that.

It is always good idea to take at least a month between the point of deciding to sell and posting the property to ensure that the home is properly staged to be ready to command the highest value possible.

Here are 8 handy tips for sellers to follow to get the best price for their property:

1. Set a listing date: Setting a tangible date to list will ensure that everything gets done in a timely manner. Start by making a list of what needs to get done and how long it will take. Talk to a trusted local Comox or Courtney real estate agent to ensure that the listing date is reasonable and that all goals are attainable........