Judson Caskey
Associate professor - Accounting
UCLA Anderson School of Management
110 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA  90095-1481

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I work on both empirical and modeling research in financial accounting, specifically on the role of accounting disclosures within the context of informed decision making. This includes analyizing the content of accounting disclosures and how people process that content. My empirical research examines the information conveyed by financial reports, and how investors use that information.


Refereed publications:

Reporting and non-reporting incentives in leasing (with N. Bugra Ozel)
2018, The Accounting Review, Forthcoming (Abstract, PDF)

Corporate governance, accounting conservatism and manipulation (with Volker Laux)
2017, Management Science, 63(2): 424-437 (Abstract, PDF)

Earnings expectations and employee safety (with N. Bugra Ozel)
2017, Journal of Accounting and Economics, 63(1): 121-141 (Abstract, PDF, link to OSHA/Compustat mapping)

Strategic informed trades, diversification, and expected returns (with John Hughes and Jun Liu)
2015, The Accounting Review, 90(5): 1811-1837 (Abstract, PDF)

The pricing effects of securities class action lawsuits and litigation insurance
2014, Journal of Law, Economics and Organization 30(3): 493-532 (Abstract, PDF)

Inter-industry network structure and the cross-predictability of earnings and stock returns (with Daniel Aobdia and Bugra Ozel)
2014, Review of Accounting Studies 19(3): 1191-1224 (Abstract, PDF)

Conservatism measures that remove the effects of asset composition (with Kyle Peterson)
2014, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting 42(4): 731-756 (Abstract, PDF)

Dividend policy at firms accused of accounting fraud (with Michelle Hanlon)
2013, Contemporary Accounting Research 30(2): 818-850 (Abstract, PDF)

Leverage, excess leverage and future stock returns (with John Hughes and Jing Liu)
2012, Review of Accounting Studies 17(2): 443-471 (Abstract, PDF)

Assessing the impact of alternative fair value measures on the efficiency of project selection and continuation (with John Hughes)
2012, The Accounting Review 87(2):483-512 (Abstract, PDF, Addendum)

Reporting Bias with an Audit Committee (with Venky Nagar and Paolo Petacchi)
2010, The Accounting Review 85(2): 477-481 (Abstract, PDF)

Information in equity markets with ambiguity averse investors
2009, Review of Financial Studies 22(9): 3595-3627 ( Abstract, PDF)

Non-refereed publications:

Commentary on 'Thoughts on the divide between theoretical and empirical research in accounting' (with Carlos Corona)
2016, Journal of Financial Reporting 1(2): 59-64 (Abstract, PDF).

The value of identifying operating leases (with N. Bugra Ozel)
2015, Bloomberg BNA Accounting Policy & Practice Report 11(4): 165-167.

Discussion of “The economics of setting auditing standards”
2013, Contemporary Accounting Research 30(3): 1216-1222 (Abstract, PDF)

Working papers:

Investor relations and the flow of information through investor networks
(April-2015, with Michael Minnis and Venky Nagar) (Abstract, PDF)

Underwater shares and benchmark beating
(Oct-2014, with Daniel Aobdia)

Investor cost basis and takeover bids
(Apr-2012, with Daniel Aobdia) (Abstract, PDF)

Managerial earnings guidance, price informativeness, and analyst following
(Mar-2010, with Brett Trueman) (Abstract, PDF)