Some words in english

Welcome to practise Judo with Kamiza!

Join the club Kamiza and get your judo-insurance via us and Finnish Judo Association. Kamiza website is, it is all in Finnish, sorry. Most of our coaches and members speak English and if you want, you can improve your Finnish.

You are welcome to exercise with us a few times freely and then decide if you want to join in.

If you have no previous experience in Judo, join the White belts to learn basic techniques and to fall down safely. After succesfully taking the course you will be graduated to yellow belt.

If you have more or less experience in Judo, please discuss with the coaches or e-mail Maija to get further information.

Membership (for the period September the 1st 2015 to August 31st 2016) will cost 240€ for the Junior White belts and 220€ for Adult White belts the Higher belts. Students can pay ½ of the sum in Autumn, ½ in Spring.

Dojo-location: Lappeenrannan urheilutalo, adress: Pohjolankatu 29, 53100 Lappeenranta. Urheilutalo is near the the city centre, there are road signs towards it, for example in the small roundabout near the watertower.


The timetable of this season  for adults is: (to find this in our website click Harjoitusajat)

Saturday: at 12:15-13:30 "judo for fit and fun" ( Aikuisten peruskurssi + Kuntojudo)

Monday: at 18:00-19:30 all adults over 16 years. ( Yleiset harjoitukset)

Wednesday: at 19:15-20:45, all adults over 16 years. ( Yleiset harjoitukset)

Friday: at 19:30-21:00, all adults over 16 years. ( Yleiset harjoitukset)


Hope to see You in Tatami! Please call or e-mail me if you have any questions.

Maija Vattulainen, e-mail, tel. 040 554 1067