Current Services

The resources on this page are not prescriptions for speech therapy. They are a collection of my original materials designed as a way to share concepts and ideas.  Feel free to download and adapt responsibly to meet your needs. Please reference this site and the work of others that I reference in these materials. 

Please note that my free book, Respecting the Communication Needs of Children Who Stutter, will be updated soon. According to the Stuttering Foundation DVD 6325 by Dr. Patricia Zwebrowski titled Williams' Normal Talking Approach to Help Children Make Speech Changes (2014), the field is adopting new language to describe old concepts. The strategy called "cancellation" was not included in her list of modification techniques.  I will update the workbook in to reflect this new way of talking about traditional speech therapy for stuttering. 

I am transitioning out of a private practice in health care into private tutoring in literacy and communication skills. Private tutoring allows me to meet the needs of my clients much more easily. 

My Teachers Pay Teachers site is an avenue for sharing my 30 years of experience. My story name is Books- Too and can be found at   
This page updated 2/4/17.