Speech Therapy, Tutoring, English Skills

Updated 2/9/16


 I am not accepting new students at this time.  

This business closed 12/31/15.

 I am now starting a new business as a private tutor. It's all about leaving health care in search of greater flexibility in the design and implementation of service. Present health care regulations have become very restrictive and take too much time and resources. I will specialize in reading and oral communication for pre-k through grade 8. I will also support second language learners. 

Please visit https://sites.google.com/site/storiesbymrsb/  where I will be developing a new site for my tutoring business.


Judith V. Butler, M.A., L.L.C.

Licensed, Certified Speech Language Pathologist

 ASHA Board Certified Specialist - Fluency, Retired 




  • English language arts and literacy tutoring
  • Stuttering: 
    • Preschool treatment based on the Practical Intervention for Early Childhood Stammering Palin PCI Approach (Speechmark 2008)
    • School-age treatment based on the CALMS Model and The Child and Adolescent Stuttering Treatment and Resource Guide (Delmar Cengage 2010)
    • Middle school treatment based on Easy Talker: a fluency workbook for school-age children (pro-ed)
    • High school treatment based on the POWERR program (The Stuttering Foundation)
  • Respecting the Communication Needs of Children Who Stutter by Judith V. Butler M.A., C.C.C., BCS-F, Retired (free download)
  • Education: collaboration, workshops and public speaking engagements about stuttering



American Speech Language Hearing Association Board Recognized Specialist in Fluency Disorders, Retired (www.stutteringspecialists.org)
Listed as a provider on the International Dyslexia Association website http://www.interdys.org/ 

Trained in Reading With TLC  http://www.readingwithtlc.com/ 

Certified in Orton-Gillingham by the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education (http://orton-gillingham.com)

Certified Parent Group Facilitator by Social Emotional Needs of the Gifted (www.sengifted.org)
The Massachusetts Speech Language Hearing Association
The American Academy of Private Practice in Speech Pathology and Audiology
The International Dyslexia Association
 Franklin, Massachusetts
Massachusetts License No. 4474
National Provider Number 1265762942


ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence 1983
11 ASHA Awards for Continuing Education
ASHA Board Recognized Specialist in Fluency Disorders  2000 - 2015 
In Private Practice since 1991