Ro-Hun Therapy

Ro-Hun Therapy is a systematic and rapid-acting psychotherapy for personal growth and change. Ro-HunTherapy is based on the
psycodynamic interrelationship between the individual and his or her energy field. It draws its theoretical base from quantum physics and the recent discoveries of the electromagnetic energy fields surrounding the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies of each person.

The Ro-Hun Therapist is trained to identify negative thought patterns and traumas stored in the client's energy field. The therapist and client together release these energy blocks and replace them with positive, more efficient means of living, and opens up the client to his or her own inner resources.

Why Ro-Hun will help everyone
. . .
  1. Ro-Hun Therapy clears faulty thought patterns that attract negative situations.
  2. Ro-Hun Therapy awakens the client's sensitivity to his or her own inner resources
  3. Ro-Hun Therapy assists the client to relax tension.
  4. Ro-Hun Therapy introduces the client to his or her own creative-intuitive abilities.
  5. Ro-Hun Therapy gives the client the deep and meaningful insights into self.
  6. Ro-Hun Therapy aids the client in the development and reinforcement of self confidence.
  7. Ro-Hun Therapy helps the client for give and release the past, obtaining new freedom from guilt and resentments.
  8. Ro-Hun Therapy assists the client towards a more open expression of self.
  9. Ro-Hun Therapy increases peace and harmony within the client.
  10. Ro-Hun Therapy increases the client's understanding and compassion for self and others.
  11. Ro-Hun Therapy helps the client be come more comfortable with self and feel stronger about coping with life.
  12. Ro-Hun Therapy helps the client open up the heart to give and receive love.