Judith Levicoff 'The Butterfly Lady'

Magical Migrating Monarch's

Habitat Educator, Judith Levicoff first became enamored with Monarch butterflies while living in Santa Cruz, California, winter home to large populations of western Monarchs. After migrating east with her husband and three dogs, Mrs. Levicoff worked in the TREEHOUSE at the Philadelphia Zoo. While there, she created a Butterfly Garden Habitat, and taught children to “become butterflies”.

Today, the Butterfly lady brings the message of the Monarchs to schools, libraries, museums, environmental centers, and into therapeutic settings throughout North America through her Magical Migrating Monarchs program. “The planting of Butterfly Garden Habitats and the rearing of Monarch butterflies is a hands - on experience which encourages people to play an active role in their environment and feel that their local efforts will have a world wide effect.”

Mrs. Levicoff is also the author of The Butterfly Garden, a book for children of all ages.  This beautifully illustrated book is based on a true story of how a 2nd grade classroom showed a special love for an injured butterfly.

Please contact by e-mail at: thebutterflylady@juno.com