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My book Believe in Me A Teen Mom's Story, published by Jefferson Park Press,
has been released, and was recently reviewed by the Lowell Sun. This article
was picked up by the Associated Press, receiving national attention, including Boston.com.

Believe in Me
A Teen Mom's Story
Available at Amazon.com and from Jefferson Park Press.

Believe in Me is the honest and courageous story of
sixteen-year-old Judith’s transformation into a responsible
young woman. Highly recommended reading for teens,
parents, and educators.”
—Joyce Allan, R.N., author of Because I Love You

                        Positive. My eyes widened. I was pregnant.    
I stared at the test results. It was really true. I
wanted to shout out loud. I was having Kevin’s baby!
I should have been scared: scared to tell my
parents, scared to tell the nuns at school, scared to
tell Kevin’s family. But at that moment what I felt
was joy, knowing I had life growing inside of me—
life that Kevin and I had created together through
our love.

    When Judith becomes pregnant the summer before her senior year, she is forced to ask questions about everything she believes in. Who can she trust? Where can she turn? What can she believe?  She will have to face her fiance, fellow cheerleaders, parents, and the nuns at her school; and the decisions she makes now will affect the rest of her life.