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Sensus ~ My Number Six  

Nought’s transparent howl lingers 

as the kids one to five play 

with fire, crayons and cymbals

boy-blue and his jaded sister are 

constantly at sixes and sevens; 

while the righteous brother 

carves precise figures in ice 

— knowing he will be ate before 

nine exudes her yellow-golden fecundity 

and ten bleeds male-redness and rage 

Ringing metallic blue at noon 

shimmering against a forever azure sky 

even-tempered, balanced on a circle’s curl 

six is boyish, positive and gentle 

divides fairly 

multiplies readily — and with logic

Green and mean — in her prime 

Lady Luck to some 

— a deadly sin to others — 

odd, straight and narrow 

seven, the older sister, points at six 

yet leans 

towards eight, the perfect brother, 

so symmetrical with his sienna sheen 

In an eternal line stretching 

from the Hindu-Arabic sands 

to a digital diorama, 

or reversed 

on an infinite circle of time, 

nought to ten are together bound by concept 

— dislocated, reconfigured, calculated 

their numerous kin define 

and redefine reality’s abstract nature


May Moon

May moon reflected in

the pool of my once home

tonight, bruises my new sky 




silver-black July

oranges, Moroccan bowl

warm interior glow

Between the low moons,

one blue one orange

the day arced and bloomed




Eastern Edge         

From the burning edge

of a southern cliff 

where the moon licks silver streaks

in a dark sea

where white sails scribe the ultramarine gulf 

and celebrate summer breezes

to the edge of a rainforest

along the Eastern coast

~ wild beaches, lacy breakers,

abundant bays, swelling rivers,

torrential rain

Sip lemon myrtle tea


~ a cicada symphony        kookaburra chorus

brush turkeys fly and flap

in the tangled forest

ticks wait for a warm host

flowers bloom overnight

dreams connect my south with east                      Mid Summer '12

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