Judicial DECEPTION!! 


Tactikalguy1 - Audios

TG-1.  Appeal Stage - HERE

TG-2.  Arraignment - Part 1,  Part 2,  Part 3

TG-3.  Attorney & Client - HERE

TG-4.  Beating Misdemeanors - Part 1,  Part 2Part 3Part 4

TG-5.  DA, Judge, and Court Clerk are a Joke!!!! - HERE

TG-6.  Dealing with Court Clerks - HERE

TG-7.  Dirty Tricks Courts Use - HERE

TG-8.  Glendale Court Has Something To Hide!!!!! - HERE

TG-9.  How I Cross Examine a Cop - HERE

TG-10.  I Would File a Lawsuit if a Cop Gave Me a Civil Ticket - HERE

TG-11.  Jurisdiction - Does the Court you are in have it? - HERE

TG-12.  Maryland Willfull Disobedience Misdemeanor Charge Dropped - HERE

TG-13.  Me Not Getting Cited - HERE

TG-14.  Me Talking About My Writ - HERE

TG-15.  Most People are in Jail Voluntarily - Part 1,  Part 2,  Part 3,  Part 4 

TG-16.  My Enemies...... but I am the Happiest! Got Enough Evidence for Federal Court - HERE

TG-17.  My Good Friend Witnessed Cop Being Told to Leave Court So Court Can Dismiss the Case - HERE

TG-18.  Red Light Ticket Pictures and Videos are Inadmissable in Court - HERE

TG-19.  Right to Travel v Driving - HERE

TG-20.  Spread This Like Fire!!! - File a Claim for Damages for False Imprisonment - HERE

TG-21.  Standard of Conduct - HERE

TG-22.  Steps I Take When Getting a Ticket in Court - HERE

TG-23.  This is Why I Can Beat Tickets in any State - HERE

TG-24.  Update on My Cases and Explaining My Arguments - HERE

TG-25.  What I Do when Dealing with Court Clerks - HERE

TG-26.  Who Can Regulate Who - HERE

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