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Stevens, Marc

12-1. Adventures in Legal Land (paperback) - HERE

12-2. Adversary Proceedings Don't Require an Adversary - HERE

12-3. Attorneys and Bureaucrats - Always Non-responsive - HERE

12-4. Bar Associations are Cults - HERE

12-5. Beating Civil Traffic Tickets - Part 1Part 2Part 3

12-6. Standing - HERE

12-7. Top Ten Tips for Traffic Court - HERE

12-8. Marc Stevens a US Court Innovator Who is Peacefully Rebelling - Audio 65 minutes - "If the only thing that makes you a Citizen is the duty of Allegiance in return for a duty of protection and they're telling you in plain English there's no duty to protect you, well then there's no allegiance to." ...... "I know that they're holding contradictory ideas in their head, we know this, and what I need to do is to bring that into consciousness, I need to make them aware you've got two ideas that don't mesh here, these are incompatible."

"Three questions for trial judge: i.) Am I entitled to a fair trial?  ii.) Could I get a fair trial if there was a conflict of interest? iii.) Who do you represent here Sir? iv.) [If they say 'The State'] If you represent the State and the State the Plaintiff then you represent a Party? Wouldn't that be a conflict of interest?"

I [Jackieg] tuned it up for Brits, Canadians, and people from Oz, etc. "Three questions for trial judge: i.) Am I entitled to a fair trial? ii.) Could I get a fair trial if there was a conflict of interest? iii.) Who do you represent here Sir? iv.) [If they say 'The Crown'] then turn to the prosecutor and ask; Who do you represent here Sir? and if they say "the Crown" then, ask the cop who is their witness; Who do you represent here Sir? He has got to say "the Crown" now...would that be a conflict of interest?" The final nail in their coffin would go like this..."How do you intend to proceed?"

"Am I presumed innocent of the alleged crime?" [Yes] "Well, am I presumed innocent of every element of the alleged crime?"  They can't hold you to answer for this alleged crime because they have to presume you're innocent, they have to presume there's no jurisdiction because jurisdiction is an element of the crime, which means they have to let you go.

"Is there EVIDENCE of a complaining Party?"  They'll try to direct your attention away from that by giving you a non-responsive answer.  They've never been put on the spot to prove they represent someone other than themselves. When you put them to task and you ask about EVIDENCE then there's nothing there.  More HERE.

12-9. Mind Control with Marc Stevens - Audio 89 minutes - HERE

12-10.  MarcStevens.Net Forum - HERE
Straughan, Nick

12-10. Dear Ministry of Justice,  I am interested in finding out if you have any evidence of a claim of authority over human beings on the landmass commonly known as the United Kingdom. i) Do you have any recorded information that I have consented to be governed, or any evidence that I have consented to obey acts of parliaments? If so please provide me with this evidence. If you need specific personal information from me, in order to check your records, please tell me what information I need to supply you with in order to check you recorded information. ii) If you do not have evidence that I have requested or consented to be governed please supply me with any recorded information showing a claim by the government that the government has the authority to force me to comply with acts of parliament. iii) If a person, born on the land commonly known as the United Kingdom, does not vote in a general election, what evidence is there showing that the government (including the Ministry of Justice, the Police, Law Courts, Civil Courts and other branches of government) has authority to force that person to adhere to any acts of parliament? iv) Is there any recorded information evidencing the granting of authority to the European Union (to force me to obey their rules, acts or statutes) or any other organisation outside the United Kingdom? If not please direct me to the department responsible for keeping these records, if they exist. Yours faithfully, Nick: Straughan  More HERE

Stuler, Larry L.

12-11. The Social Security Scam - "...
but the federal government failed to fully inform you as to all of the other ramifications of applying for a Social Security number.  For instance, did you know that you became a federal employee?  Well, you did - specifically you became a member of the Merchant Marine.  You also became an employee of a corporation that is involved with importing to and from the U.S. possessions.  Another consideration is that if FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act) is based upon a percentage of your earnings, then the government has somehow been granted the right to know the amount of your income and the sources of your income – this is not a hallmark of freedom.  More HERE

12-12. THE SEARCH FOR LIABILITY IN THE INTERNAL REVENUE CODE  - The Internal Revenue Code has been written intentionally to deceive.  It represents the pinnacle, the highest point, of achievement by the powers behind the bankruptcy of the United States.  To learn how to read the Internal Revenue Code, one must first establish exactly what is the basis of liability ... Fundamental #1 – internal revenue is a part of the customs.  Customs gains revenue for the government by collecting importing duties from foreign countries.  Internal revenue gains revenue for the government by collecting importing duties from the U.S. possessions – thus a source of “internal revenue” from the government’s point of view.  In other words, internal revenue is under the foreign commerce clause.  More HERE

12-13.  Stuler on Mises.Org Forum - HERE


12-14. Law Research Forum - HERE


12-15. Judge Bonds - Governments enforce rules and regulations that require many judges to be bonded to hold them financially accountable for their decisions and actions.  More HERE

Tactikal Guy

12-16. - HERE

Thompson. ~  Keith: [of the clan Thompson]

12-17. Case Dismissed with Cause and Prejudice - Judge Bows to Sovereign - HERE

12-18. Interviewed by Andrew Paterson - HERE
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